Dealer Contact Form

    How to become a Dealer

    Welcome to the Pure+Simple.  For brick-and-mortar stores, we offer the complete Pure+Simple water treatment program with protected, exclusive retail territories.  For online sales, Pure+Simple products are sold only through our website, and authorized Pure+Simple retailers are protected on every sale shipped into your territory.

    We understand that this could be viewed as an old-fashioned way to sell such cutting-edge technology.  Perhaps that’s true.  But we’ve taken great care and much time to develop an effective water treatment system and want to be sure that spa owners receive the very best support possible with their Pure+Simple products.

    Pure+Simple products provide clean, clear, safe water that spa owners love and back it up with our satisfaction guarantee.  We believe in personal contact with our retailers and are committed to delivering quality products and support to our affiliates.

    So if you’d like to inquire about dealer territories, please complete the form and you’ll be contacted by the President of Pure+Simple to discuss the possibilities.  Thank you.