Aromatherapy: For all Spas and Hot Tubs!

Pure+Simple Spa Shock

Fragrance Infused

Our professional grade spa shock infused with an extraordinary combination of scents. Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy!

Chlorine Free

Our oxidizer doesn't contain chlorine and works to break down the organic contaminants in your spa water.

Quick Dissolve

Our spa shock is designed to dissolve quickly and completely, eliminating build up and assuring the best results.

Fragrance Free Available

Our unique product also is available in Fragrance Free formulation with the same powerful oxidant and results.


Scented Spa Shock


This immersive floral blend imparts a relaxing combination of rose and night jasmine with vanilla bean for a relaxing tropical experience.


A creamy coconut scent with accents of citrus and sandalwood for a tropical soaking experience.


Enjoy this fresh and invigorating fragrance as it opens with notes of cucumber and melon against a background of mint.


For a therapeutic experience, this blend of green eucalyptus and mint leaves rejuvenates tired muscles and opens the senses.


A warm blend of lavender owers, green herbs and cedar leaf. A classic scent popular with every spa owner.


A favorite of our staff, H&H infuses an incredible green floral fragrance backed with a citrus undertone to elevate the mood and the mind.

Pack Size:

Each jar contains 1.875 pounds of Pure and Simple Scented Spa Shock, providing you with abundant treatments for continuous spa enjoyment.

Directions for Use:

1. Test your spa water and adjust levels if necessary.
2. While the spa jets are running, add one ounce of Pure and Simple Scented Spa Shock for every 100 gallons of water.
3. Allow the product to circulate for at least 15 minutes before entering the spa.
4. Breathe in the rejuvenating fragrance and relish the revitalizing experience of your spa.

Scented Pool Shock

Lemon Verbena Scent With
Soothing Lavender scent
Non Chlorine Shock For Use with Chlorine Tablets, Granules Or Liquid Chlorine. 
Great For Saltwater Pools.  Eliminates Chemical Odors.  Won’t Cloud Water!

Say goodbye to heavy chemical odors and step into a world of fragrant, crystal clear water. Pure + Simple Chlorine Free Oxidizing Crystals create water so clear you’ll feel as if you’re swimming in liquid air.  Great for pool openings or closings, parties or special evening swims.  Safe for regular use as a pool shock.

Key Features:

Water Clarity:  Breaks down organic contaminants, oils and other impurities leaving your water clean, clear and inviting.
Quick Dissolving:  The fast dissolving formula means you can swim just 15 minutes after dosing!  No waiting for chlorine levels to decrease before use.
Safe and Effective:  Scented oxidizing crystals are safe for all pools and won’t clog filters or cloud water.
Pack Size:  Two pound jars and 10  pound pails make it easy to experience clean, clear fragrant water.  Two exquisite fragrances:  Lavender and Lemon Verbena with natural mosquito control!

Directions for Use:
1.  Add 15 minutes before swimming. 
2.  Add one pound of Scented Pool Shock per 10,000 gallons. 
3.  Will not raise chlorine levels in pool.
4.  Fragrance lasts up to 6 hours. Oxidizes contaminants for up to 72 hours.


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Ioinizing Pool Shock

Shocks Pool Without Chlorine

Controls Algae

Clears Cloudy Water

Swim in 15 Miniutes

There are lots of reasons to love your pool: long afternoons with your family in the water…. romantic midnight swims…. and celebrating special occasions with friends.

Unfortunately, too many pool owners become frustrated with water issues like cloudy water or green water which can be easily avoided with a weekly addition of Pure & Simple.

Most pool owners would agree that the most money is spent after there is already a problem and you are trying to “rescue” the pool. Pure & Simple is a multi-purpose product that reduces chlorine usage, eliminates chlorine odors and assures a clean, clear, healthy pool.

In short, your pool will always be ready for you whenever you’re ready to use it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Recreational water contained in pools or spas accumulate organic contaminants from bathers and from the surrounding environment. So it’s important to eliminate this buildup of contaminants with a regular dose of oxidizer in addition to a normal level of chlorine. This assures a healthy, low level residual of chlorine in the water and prevents your pool or spa from suddenly “getting away” from you by turning cloudy or green.
Chlorine shock uses high levels of chlorine to oxidize contaminants while Oxidizing Shock contains no chlorine or bromine. So, with oxidizing shock, organics are oxidized directly with powdered oxygen without irritation and odors. Pure+Simple Scented Shock Treatments contain no chlorine and remove contaminants quickly and safely without raising the chlorine level of the water. Water is immediately oxidized and freshened and may be entered safely in 15 minutes after dosing.
Fragrances are not necessary for sanitation but are popular to complement the experience of soaking in your spa, hot tub or pool. Pure+Simple uses a proprietary process that combines chlorine-free shock with the many benefits of aromatherapy. These exquisite fragrances heighten the hot water experience of a spa or hot tub and assure fresh, clean water every time. Pool owners have now discovered the benefits of swimming in fragrant, eco friendly water provided by scented shock treatments for parties, evening swims and, in the case of our Lemon Verbena Scented Shock, a natural mosquito shield so swimming is now possible without those unwanted flying guests!


The Oxygen Water Family of Products

Midnight Cove spa products are part of the Oxygen Water Products Group. OWP offers quality devices and blended water additives specially formulated for the healthiest water and the most gentle environment for human use. We offer unique products for swimming pools, spas, and household use.


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How Can I Buy Pure+Simple Scented Shock?

All our scented shock products are available at professional pool/spa retailers everywhere!